UX-driven Frontend Developer at Rasa

We’re looking for a ux-driven frontend developer to join us at Rasa. The point of this post is to provide enough information about Rasa, and what we're looking for, to let you decide whether to apply.

About this role
This role is about inventing visual interfaces for training conversational AI. This is a new field with immense scope for creative problem solving. You will design, develop, and iterate on tools that allow non-technical users to interact with our world-leading Rasa ML framework. You will work with our ML team, with our open source community, and with our enterprise customers, distilling the feedback you get to make decisions and iterate quickly. The frontend technology stack is up to you.

About you
You love working closely with users and are able to implement their feedback into our frontend products. You are excited about working on a greenfield project, defining the industry standards for the next 10 years. You can effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical team members.

Things You Might Do
Rasa is a startup, so you’ll have to be comfortable rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever needs doing. However, you can definitely expect to:

  • Design and develop visual interfaces to allow non-technical users to train Rasa
  • Run user tests and further iterate on the product
  • Work closely with our enterprise customers and open source community
  • Collaborate with a visual designer (if needed)

About Rasa

Rasa builds open source ML tools to enable developers to make conversational software that really works. By conversational software we mean voice control systems, VR, AR, IoT, virtual assistants, and yes, bots. Regexes and if/else statements only get you so far, and we’re building the tools for going beyond that using deep learning. Rasa is used by thousands of developers worldwide. Our customers include leading enterprises such as UBS, ERGO and Helvetia. We're based in Berlin, funded by Techstars and Salisbury Ventures.

Rasa is an equal opportunity employer. We are still a small team and are committed to growing in an inclusive manner. We want to augment our team with talented, compassionate people irrespective of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age.